The Pujo Pondogols

The Pujo Pondogols, a series of posts about the artistic goldmine that is Durga Puja in Kolkata, reside here.

Part 1 - Salt Lake: "Salt Lake? What's in Salt Lake? The standard Calcuttan's standard response to the suburb in its far north east corner ranges from ignorance to downright disdain."

Part 2 - The South: "Is Deshapriya Park close to Ganja Park (yes, there is such an official unofficial name for a park)? I don't know and probably never will."

Part 3 - Central: "I feel that they may have involved or idealized Govinda and his 90s movies in selecting the colour combinations."

Part 4 - The North: "I thought it would be appropriate to end the series with an example of the insane amounts of preparation (and I mean INSANE) amounts of preparation that goes into building up a Puja pandal, which is scheduled to exist for 5-6 days at most."

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