Sunday, June 17, 2007

Third time lucky maybe??

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"
- Oscar Wilde

As far realist quotes go, it's quite difficult to beat this one with its wistful mix of both optimism and pessimism, also none more appropriate for my state of mind right now.

This happens to be my third attempt at starting a regular blog, and I sincerely hope that it does not meet a premature demise like its predecessors. Friends and strangers who may lose their way here, please bear with me. Writing has always been a passion with me, especially during periods like the four year incarceration at REC Kurukshetra, but never an activity which shakes out of the deep-rooted laziness that inhabits me. I'll try to be as regular with posts as I am genetically pre-disposed to be( Sorry for that one, Dad! Must be some mutant genes :) ), and you can hope to see a post a week!

What will I write about? Even I am not too sure. It may be some sappy nostalgic tale out of my childhood or a RECK misadventure, it may be a rant against the sheer monotony of a 9 to 5 job, a travel tale, a story of my menagerie of pets over the years or it may just be an abstract piece about how the rain pitter-pattering outside makes me feel!

This blog is my shrink, my clinic where I cut out out of the straitjacket of an office job, out of the reach of those engineering models, drafts and tolerances that keep me swamped 5 days a week! The metaphorical run through the fields, out to a spectacular view of the sea from a high cliff, with the surf breaking below and the wind in my face.

And as for writers who say that they write only for themselves, well, I ain't one of them. Hope that there will be regular visitors to my blog, and give me the ego-massage :) that'll keep me writing! Comments are what blogs are all about. Criticisms are welcome, even though I don't take to them too kindly and that is why I need them even more. Anger is something that might stir me out of my stupor. Virtual In'k'sanity, the online edition of my rambling thoughts is now in business!


Rwitam said...

Hi Roy... simply awesome stuff, rather its just "roy at his normal best".... way to go brother.... Let there be some light on the webspace...
Thanks for the publicity u gave me :)

Srinath said...

I really loved that 'Sick boy' blog... wish i could write like that..

theek hai ab channe ke jhaad se utar jaa..!! :p

Kunal said...

mast hai ur usual i should say....hope to read many more of those ... coming from your virtual database..