Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home again

It would seem that home offers the ideal circumstances for blogging. Ready to eat food at exactly the right time, the most comfortable bed in the universe and pampering of all sorts. But here I am at home, after a week of enjoyment at a classmate's wedding and pure laziness afterwards trying to work up at least a single post for my time spent here. But it really doesn't make sense to expend energy on any kind of thought when I am cossetted in the sort of luxury that the best corporate jobs in the world can't buy. The same visibly aging building, the river in the distance flowing past just the same as it did from as long as I can remember. Only a handful of friends who remain from the huge group that occupied the pleasant memories of my childhood. The familiarity of it all should bore me to bits. It's amazing how I keep hankering for change in the repetitive rigours of office life yet there are other things that I wouldn't want to change for anything in the world.

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