Thursday, October 7, 2010

High hopes

A typical road in Goa, India.Image via Wikipedia
Will having too high an expectation of a place ruin the experience when I actually get there? When I think Goa, I am reminded of palm fringed beaches, silver sands and the blue ocean. When I think Goa, I see old colonial mansions painted in exuberant colours and crumbling old churches clinging on to the present. When I think Goa, I dwell on lazy days lounging on a hammock in the sun as the sea breeze plays your nanny swinging you to sleep. When I think Goa, I hear the steady thump of a mighty Enfield which has given me the honour of riding it as it grandly cruises its way on a road hugging the crashing waves and spectacular cliffs. When I think Goa, I imagine a never-ending party with the strumming of guitars and banjos, beautiful faces greeting strangers with the most familiar of smiles. Maybe I am setting myself up for disappointment on all of these counts, but what the heck, dreaming don't cost no money! In exactly a couple of days, for better or for worse, I am going to find out for myself if the legends are true.
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Riti Roy said...

It will be exactly as you are imagining it to be ! :) you forgot spicy food and the beach at night... Goa is nothing like any other place you have ever been to. It will sweep you off your feet. And from now onwards, if you think of a holiday, it will be Goa first on your mind.

Unknown said...

So, you are still wandering? I guess so, since there hasn't been new posts for some time here.

Roy said...

@Psychs: No yaar. Back from Goa a long time ago, but just can't find the time yet to put something up on my blog.