Saturday, November 12, 2011


What a curious way for a day with a curiously symmetrical date to start! Pulling into the office parking lot, it was easy to tell that it was one of those days, already blessed with the effervescence that comes out of being a Friday, a day where it feels perfect to let your mind saunter off into casual half-remembered reveries despite knowing fully well that at least 8 hours of time critical work lie ahead.
We all don't need that kind of a day, don't we? When the air is crisp and cold and just a lil' cruel, and the forgotten leaves of fall race each other in 3 dimensional race tracks around your feet. When the morning light from the cloud covered sky is subdued but not gloomy, if anything, adding to the splendor of the last bright orange, red and yellow leaves that gamely cling on to their respective trees before winter takes them away in her snowy embrace. It's no use feeling sad for them, 'cause at the back of the mind, you know and they know that they'll be back.
The walk to the glass door of the building from the car is only a short one but one can only be amazed at the speed and quantity of thoughts that can pass through a head in that brief a time period. Thoughts not only of misunderstandings and mistakes but also of happy accidents. Beginnings ground to dust, dust moulded to beginnings. Moments of unbearable doubtfulness and moments of eternal surety. On days like today you can't help but acknowledge how beautiful a shade is grey and that there is real joy to be found in accepting the unpredictability of the future. By the time I swipe my ID card, I am smiling an internal inner peace smile. After all, what is life, if not an adventure?


Unknown said...

My Gawd, poet you have become!

Roy said...

@Mahima: Aww shucks, flattered I am!