Monday, November 21, 2011

For those

For those that are soaked in grime, sweat and blood,
The cause in them does trust, as indeed it must
They are the undaunted shelters, the very bridges to deliverance
Final hopes for a rescue, through forests impassable and dense.
Here is the limelight now but they, strange men, seek not its glory
Yes, they, they must practice, practice and write a grand new story
The wise understand their greatness, the fools they look away
Men of honour, men of grit, far beyond what befits a poem to say.
[Some well-intentioned but mildly corny lines written around Rahul Dravid's retirement from ODI cricket. Batsman extraordinaire, team-man exemplary and a gentleman unlike any other, he has been a true inspiration in every sphere of life and a tour-de-force for Indian cricket.
Incidentally also my 400th blog post. Many thanks to the 50 readers still subscribed to my blog. It took a lot longer for me to get to this 400th post than I had expected. It is my laziness that robs me of the will-power to type out my thoughts but it is also my laziness that defines my thoughts. Forgive me for this paradoxical flaw. I promise to do better.]


Kunal said...

You waited so long to post these lines?

Tu saale kya uski Test Retirement ki wait kar raha tha.. :P

Abhi to australia mein jeetana hai usse.. :)

Whooping 400!!

Roy said...

@Kunnu: Thanks bro! Post karney kaa time hi nahin mil pa rahaa thaa. Australia kaa tour kaafi tough honey waalaa hai. Dekhtey hai, rakhtey hai hausle buland!